The Asphalt Jungle Team

We recognize that our value, our service, our work and reputation depends on our greatest resource: Our Team.

Our team’s excellence is measured by how we treat each other, how we treat our customers, the contributions we bring, the passion and energy we put into our work, our productivity and, finally, by a job well done.


Patti & Dan Steffen
Owners / Operators

Patti and Dan Steffen are co-owners and operators of The Asphalt Jungle. The values that have driven their successful 40-year partnership are the foundation of their business success: respect, kindness, honesty, integrity and love.

staff members

Jesus “Chuy” Morales

Our loyal friend and Foreman Chuy Morales has worked closely and creatively with The Asphalt Jungle for 35 years. He is loved and admired by management and the crew for his kind way of getting the job done. He enjoys soccer and horses when not asphalting up a storm.


Ruben Morales

Already in his seventh year of service, our young Co-Foreman Ruben Morales grew up in The Asphalt Jungle family. Much like his father, Ruben has forged a well-earned reputation as an honest, kind and hard-working problem solver. He enjoys baseball as well as being a father.

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