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Welcome to The Asphalt Jungle

A Full Service Paving and Hardscaping Company.
Design – Repair – Installation


Asphalt is the common term referring to a mixture of aggregate materials and oil heated and mixed together.


Concrete is primarily a mixture of aggregate material, cement, water and other chemicals.

Paving Stones

Paving stones, or interlocking pavers, consist of individual stones placed and held tightly together to form a highly attractive, larger surface area.


Chipseal is a surface composed of a secure layer of asphalt topped with a fine, decorative layer of gravel.

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Welcome to The Asphalt Jungle, a one-stop solution for all of your paving needs. Experts in asphalt, concrete, pavers and chipseal, The Asphalt Jungle can offer a variety of material choices to deliver the finished surface look you desire. We can provide solutions and options for any budget. Check out our Complete Services page.

ADA Compliant experts. The Asphalt Jungle.

Are you ADA compliant?

Your parking lot is required by law to conform to all current ADA codes. Failure to conform can result in lawsuits and fines. The Asphalt Jungle can ensure that all of your handicap parking stalls, paths of travel, access ramps and handicap signage are in strict compliance with all ADA regulations. Find out more about The Asphalt Jungle’s ADA Compliance Services.

Smarter, Greener Solutions

We proudly employ a green environment approach to all aspects of our work. Whether it’s using recycled asphalt, installing permeable surfaces, employing a fleet of fuel-efficient trucks or even reducing our paper use in marketing and office materials, The Asphalt Jungle seeks always to be part of the solution.

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