Chipseal driveways and paths. The Asphalt Jungle. Malibu, California

The Asphalt Jungle is happy to help with the design and selection of finished gravel to be used.

Chipseal is a surface composed of a secure layer of asphalt topped with a fine, decorative layer of gravel. The finished surface provides an elegant, rustic look, and is extremely popular with landscape designers and architects.

Chipseal is commonly used for residential driveways and walkways. There are many different gravel colors available to homeowners.

Prior to installation of the selected gravel material, the driveway is prepared and paved with hot asphalt. The asphalt provides a secure base upon which to place the gravel material.  In addition, it provides a reliable foundation for proper water drainage.

Our services include:

  • Site preparation
  • Redwood headerboard edging
  • Grading and demolition
  • Asphalt paving and compaction
  • Proper slope and drainage
  • Gravel installation and compaction
  • Crushed rock base foundation, installation and compaction

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