ADA Compliance

ADA Compiance Experts. The Asphalt Jungle. Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

The Asphalt Jungle has knowledge and experience in bringing all parking lots and handicap parking stalls into compliance with the provisions of the ADA.

Handicap parking stalls, legal paths of travel and proper signage are a major part of the ADA. Proper slope requirements are critical in parking stalls and path of travel areas.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities in public places. A disabled person is allowed to file a civil lawsuit to enforce compliance with all provisions of the act. They are further entitled to payment of their legal fees and penalties. ADA laws apply to all buildings regardless of age and supersede all local codes. The original intention of the Act has been used in recent years by some attorneys as the basis for filing many lawsuits against property owners for any and all violations, including non-compliant handicap parking stall areas.

Our services include:

  • Handicap parking stall and path of travel paving and slope modification
  • Handicap parking stall design, layout and striping including Standard and Van Accessible stalls
  • Handicap signage installation including parking stall and driveway entry signs
  • Truncated dome layout and installation

To view our ADA Compliance Portfolio: click here.