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Asphalt. New. Repair. Over 30 years of experience.
Asphalt is the common term referring to a mixture of aggregate materials and oil heated and mixed together. Asphalt is installed and compacted...Read More


Concrete driveways, walkways and patios. The Asphalt Jungle. Malibu CaliforniaConcrete is primarily a mixture of aggregate material, cement, water and other chemicals. Concrete solidifies and hardens after...Read More

Color Coating

Asphalt Color Coating. The Asphalt Jungle. Malibu, California

Asphalt Jungle can color coat new asphalt surfaces with a colored epoxy-based polymer compound in order to dramatically change the finished look ...Read More


Chipseal Driveways and Roadways. The Asphalt Jungle. Malibu, CalforniaChipseal is commonly used for residential driveways and walkways. There are many different gravel colors available to homeowners..Read More

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance. The Asphalt Jungle. Malibu, California

ADA Compliance (American Disabilities Act) makes it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities in public places. A disabled person...Read More

Sealcoating and Striping

service_stripingSealcoating beautifies and protects all asphalt pavement surfaces. Striping is where the paint meets the road... or driveway or parking lot...Read More